TU Professor Named Fellow of American Welding Society

Monday, December 04, 2000

Edmund F. Rybicki, the Frank W. Murphy Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering and chairman of the mechanical engineering department at The University of Tulsa, has been named a Fellow of the American Welding Society. Only five of the society’s 51,000 members were selected to receive the award this year.

The society established the honor to recognize members for “distinguished contributions to the field of welding science and technology, and for promoting and sustaining the professional stature of the field.” Election is based on reputation and outstanding accomplishments of the individual.

Rybicki will receive a medal on May 8, 2001, at the society’s annual meeting in Cleveland, Ohio.

Rybicki, who has been a member of the TU faculty for 21 years, was one of the pioneers in developing and applying computational models to predict and control residual stresses in welded piping systems. This work has been used by the electric power generating industry for more than two decades. Other results of his work on welding have been used by the automobile industry, the Army and the Navy.

Previously, Rybicki has received the organization’s A. F. Davis Silver Medal Award and the Distinguished Member Award.