TU Student Team Wins Engineering Award for Creation of Amphibious Vehicle

Wednesday, October 02, 2002


The team of TU students who designed and built the “E-Craft,” a two-person, all-electric fishing boat that can be driven in and out of a lake on wheels, won the Oklahoma Outstanding Engineering Achievement Award in the student category.

The award was presented Aug. 8 by the Oklahoma Society of Professional Engineers.

The four-wheeled, fiberglass craft was presented last year to Zebco in Tulsa, the fishing tackle company. The vehicle was created in a senior-level mechanical engineering class at TU in which students form teams to build and design projects requested by clients.

Team members, all May 2002 graduates, were Rusty Macklin of Bartlesville, Seth Conaway of Edmond, Jake Stoetzner of Oklahoma City, Marie Moran of Tulsa, Robert Bucher of Houston and Tommy Denney of Anchorage, Ark.

Earlier this year, Moran won the “Old Guard” competition for Region 10 of the American Society of Mechanical Engineering for her oral presentation about the production of the vehicle. She was awarded $300 and a paid trip to New Orleans in November to compete in the national contest against the winners from the society’s 13 other regions.