Outstanding Teacher Awards 2012

Friday, April 13, 2012

Dr. Rybicki receives Outstanding Teacher Award, 2012.

This year’s winners are:


          Edmund Rybicki, Professor of Mechanical Engineering

          Robert Sheaff, Associate Professor of Biochemistry

          Charles Wood, Associate Professor of Marketing


Among the highest forms of recognition that The University of Tulsa can bestow upon a member of the faculty is the Outstanding Teacher Award.  Initiated in 1980, it is limited to three faculty members per year – fewer than one percent of the resident faculty.  The winners are nominated by students, and the selection is made by the elected Faculty Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate.  Thus, the award represents recognition by both students and fellow faculty.  The winners of this prestigious award will be honored at the May 5 commencement with a monetary award and a medallion.  Past winners can be recognized by this medallion worn on a ribbon about the neck as part of their academic regalia.


Dr. Rybicki, the Harry H. Rogers Chair in Mechanical Engineering and Department Chair, has been at TU since 1979.  He has overseen innumerable advances in mechanical engineering and will retire in June.


Dr. Sheaff has been at TU in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry since 2006 and was granted tenure in December 2011.  Much of his research is in human diseases such as cancer, and his lab is conducive to innovative student research.


Dr. Wood has been teaching marketing at TU since 2000 and was granted tenure in December 2005.  He is the faculty director of Studio Blue, a unique resource that matches nonprofit organizations seeking help with their marketing plans and business students seeking real-world experience.


Congratulations to all three of this year’s honorees!