Physics Students Participate in International Collaboration

Monday, October 01, 2012

TU students publish their research.

Physics students Tara Drwenski (BS, 2012) and Wenhua Xue (Ph.D., 2015), along with Dr. Hongli Dang (Senior Research Associate in Physics) and their advisor Professor Wang, have recently participated in a research project involving an international collaboration with two research groups in Tianjin Normal University and Zhejiang Normal University, China. The project is about atomic-scale oxidation mechanism for the intermetallic compound titanium aluminide, a prospective structural material for aircraft and automotive engine applications because of its low density, high strength at high temperatures, and good creep resistance.

Their research results were published in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (PCCP) in July 2012. The paper is entitled “Oxidation mechanism of the intermetallic compound Ti3Al from ab initio thermodynamics." The co-authors include three Chinese scientists, Shi-Yu Liu, Shiyang Liu, and Dejun Li, and four TU researchers, Tara M. Drwenski, Wenhua Xue, Hongli Dang, and Sanwu Wang. The authors used a combination of quantum mechanics (density-functional theory based) and thermodynamics - the so-called ab initio thermodynamics - to elucidate microscopic mechanism for oxidation of Ti3Al. They also provided a comprehensive understanding about the pertinent atomic structures and electronic properties.  

The peer-refereed international journal PCCP is published by the United Kingdom’s Royal Society of Chemistry. According to the journal’s web site, PCCP publishes “very high quality new work which makes a significant contribution in the areas of physical chemistry, chemical physics and biophysical chemistry."

Sanwu Wang