About the Department

The historical development of mathematics, whether philosophical and abstract in nature or in the service of advances in science, technology, and commerce, has been at the center of the rise of civilizations and intellectual thought. In the present time, mathematicians and mathematics are essential to advancement of such fields as computer science, engineering, bioinformatics, data mining, computer animation, medical imaging, finance and economics, epidemiology and ecology, and climatology, as well as the advancement of the theory and methods of mathematics itself and, importantly, the teaching of mathematics.

The Department of Mathematics at The University of Tulsa has long been located within the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences.  For over forty years the department, then known as Mathematical and Computer Sciences, also housed the faculty and programs in computer science. In 2012, the disciplines became separate departments with the creation of the Tandy School of Computer Science and the present Department of Mathematics. The department, including faculty offices, classrooms, and computer laboratories, is physically located in Keplinger Hall.  

In the fall of 2013 the recently approved PhD program in mathematics admits its first class of students.  This increased commitment to deep knowledge and research in mathematics and its applications reaffirms the dedication of the faculty and students of mathematics at The University of Tulsa to the long tradition of mathematics and its role in the modern world.