Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

The B.A. in Mathematics allows students to receive the knowledge base of Mathematics which includes an appreciation for the liberal arts. Students completing this degree plan will be proficient in a foreign language at the Intermediate level and satisfy 2 Cultural Diversity and Gender Studies requirement courses as defined by the College of Arts and Sciences.

Coberly Chorus

Math and Music in Perfect Harmony

Bill Coberly, associate professor of mathematics majored in mathematics in college but played the trumpet throughout his high school and college career. In the early 1990’s, after many years without a musical outlet, he picked up the trumpet again.

“It was miserable,” Coberly said.  “So, even thought I don’t have a good solo voice, I can read music and have a good ear, so I joined my church choir.”

After enjoying church choir for a few years, Coberly decided to join the new Tulsa Oratorio Chorus in 1992, and since then he has learned and performed major choral works.  The Oratorio Chorus has three or four performances each season, which runs form September through May each year.

Performing these difficult choral arrangements is hard work.  It requires one evening of group practice each week, supplemented by “homework” to master the part.  but Coberly said the hard work is worth the effort.

“It is excellent stress relief from the rigors of teaching and research, requiring both mental and physical effort,” Coberly said.

Coberly’s vocal pursuits have continued to stretch.  He currently sings in a small ensemble called Counterpoint.  The ensemble performs a variety of music from madrigals to contemporary works and performs for a number of community events.

In addition to relieving the stress of his academic profession, Coberly suggests his mathematical and musical lives maybe intertwined at a deeper level.

“I did listen to an play Mozart when I was young,” said Coberly.  “So maybe there is something to the myth that music and mathematics are related.”

B.A. with Major in Mathematics - Course Requirements

Courses Credits
Mathematics and Computer Sciences 30 hours
Math Electives 12 hours
Minor Field 12 hours
     Some minors may require more than 12 hours.
Tulsa Curriculum 31 hours
     Block I, II, and III plus 6 hours of English writing.
Foreign Language 14 hours
     See the Department of Languages to determine courses.
General Electives 25 hours
TOTAL HOURS 124 hours

Please note that students are required to follow the course balance sheet on which they enrolled. This may vary from the information reflected on this site. Students should contact the College of Engineering & Natural Sciences' Advising Office for a copy of their active balance sheets.