Combined Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Applied Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics offers a combined Bachelor’s/Master’s degree program in Applied Mathematics. The graduate requirements for this program are identical to those for the current Master’s Degree program in Applied Mathematics. Undergraduates participating in the program must meet additional undergraduate requirements.

Suitably qualified students can acquire the necessary number of graduate credits by taking:

  1. the maximum allowed of four 4000/6000-courses at the 6000-level;
  2. six 7000-courses, of which three (the maximum allowed) to be taken in the senior year (as 5000-courses) and double-counted; one of the three 7000-courses taken in the graduate year may be replaced by the Master’s Report.

Undergraduates in any of the undergraduate mathematics degree programs at The University of Tulsa are eligible for admission to the Combined Degree program. It is recommended that MATH 4123, Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory, should be taken as early as possible, preferably during the sophomore year.

Students interested in the Combined Degree program should seek enrollment advice from the Graduate Advisor for Applied Mathematics. Students who are admitted to the Combined Degree program will have the Graduate Advisor for Applied Mathematics assigned as their advisor for both the undergraduate and graduate portions of their Combined Degree curriculum.