TUDRP Facilities

TUDRP Test Rig, North CampusTU is one of the only educational institutions in the world that can boast field-scale testing equipment. One of the most impressive assets at North Campus is the full-scale drilling test stand. 

The full-scale drilling test stand can accept tools to 40 ft in length, including downhole motors. The rig is hydraulically powered with variable control on weight and rotary speed.

The maximum kelly stroke length is 10 ft, with other capacities as follows:

  • rotary speed 0 to 440 rpm
  • torque 0 to 3000 ft-lbs
  • flow rate 0 to 800 gpm
  • pressure up to 2000 psi
  • bit weight up to 65,000 lbs

The rig is fully instrumented with provisions for real-time analog recording of penetration and all of the above parameters. The pressure cell can accept rock samples up to 16 inches in diameter and 24 inches in length. A differential pressure of up to 2,500 psi can be applied.