Four TUDRP Papers Accepted for 2008 SPE ATCE

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Flow Loop, North CampusThe Drilling Research Group at The University of Tulsa (TUDRP) had four papers accepted for the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) 2008 Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE), which was held September 21-24 in Denver, Colorado. For TUDRP, this represents an unprecedented number of papers accepted at SPE’s most important annual meeting. The ATCE attracts thousands of attendees from among its 70,000 members around the world and the four papers provide further excellent exposure for TUDRP. TUDRP is generally regarded as the world’s premiere academic drilling research program. Its sponsors include 15 global oil and service companies, and the U.S. Mineral Management Service.

The papers at this year’s meeting covered diverse topics such as cuttings transport, wellbore stability and wellbore mechanics. The authors include current TUDRP staff and students, former students now in industry, and industry partners. Reza Majidi, who received his Ph.D. in December ’08 and has served as a Research Associate for TUDRP since September ‘08, was lead author on two of the papers:

  1. SPE 116300: M. Duan, S.Z. Miska, M. Yu, N.E. Takach, R.M. Ahmed and J. Hallman, Experimental Study and Modeling of Cuttings Transport Using Foam with Drillpipe Rotation. 
  2. SPE 114630: R. Majidi, S.Z. Miska, M. Yu, L.G. Thompson and J. Zhang, Modeling of Drilling-Fluid Losses in Naturally Fractured Formations.
  3. SPE 115526: R. Majidi, S.Z. Miska, M. Yu and L.G. Thompson, Fracture Ballooning in Naturally Fractured Formations: Mechanism and Controlling Factors. 
  4. SPE 113883: G. Gao and S.Z. Miska, Dynamic Buckling and Snaking Motion of Rotating Drilling Pipe in a Horizontal Well.

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