Petroleum Engineering Alumnus of the Month - January 2009

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Zaid Al-Siyabi

Zaid Al-SiyabiZaid Al-Siyabi earned his B.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering with a Minor in Applied Mathematics at The University of Tulsa in 1992. He went on to get a M.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1996. His thesis is titled "Modelling the Effect of Interfacial Tension on the Relative Permeability of Gas and Oil Reservoirs." He remained at Heriot-Watt University another four years and graduated with a Ph.D in Petroleum Engineering in 2000. His dissertation is titled "The Contact Angle, Interfacial Tension and Viscosity of Reservoir Fluids: Experimental Data and Modelling."

Dr. Al-Siyabi has held various technical positions both in Petroelum Development Oman LLC and the Ministry of Oil and Gas. He is currently the Director General of Oil and Gas Exploration and Production.

Throughout his career, he has gathered both technical and managerial experience within Oman’s Petroleum and Energy Industry. He sat on the Board of Government companies in Petroleum Operations, LNG, Refining and Electricity Sectors; is experienced in negotiationg PSC, GPSA’s, OSA’s, LNG Contracts, Shared Facilities Agreements; has chaired various JV’s Technical, Finance, HR and Audit Committees, on belhaf of Government/Ministry of Oil & Gas; and is chairing a National Committee looking after R&D in the Energy and Industry sector.

Zaid in his own words:

Why did you choose TU?

Well, after obtaining the High School certificate, I was given a scholarship to study Petroleum Engineering. I did a quick search on the renowned available Universities in the States that teach PE. TU was rated high on my list because [of their] quality curriculum, good size university, whereby I would have the chance of interacting with both my instructors and colleagues, which you do not often find with State universities and of course the exclusivity of the University, whereby students have quality time for study, away from distractions.

Did you gain the knowledge you needed to be successful in your work?

Well as I mentioned earlier, the quality curriculum given by TU has made me what I am now, fully conversed with the Petroleum Engineering language. The combination of both theories and practical examples, simulators, and the fluid flow loops are perfect tools to appreciate the industry and the understanding of the subject. Not to forget the professionalism of my Professors and staff were the enablers for getting the right knowledge and provide the full apprehension of the subjects.

Any fond memories you would like to share?

Life in and around TU is all full of great memories and worth to be recalled over and over.


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