Petroleum Engingeering Alumni Newsletter - July 2009

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I apologize for being late with this newsletter but I have been traveling.

First some good news. The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) announced its annual awards a couple of weeks ago and I want to congratulate a few TU alumni and faculty who made the list. First and foremost, I would like to congratulate Dr. James Brill for becoming an SPE Honorary Member. This is the highest honor bestowed by SPE. The membership is restricted to a maximum of 1% of the total SPE members. Only a handful per year receive this award. In addition to being associated with TU for forty years, Dr. Brill has also developed one of the most outstanding consortia on fluid flow.  We continue to value our association with Dr. Brill, and we value and cherish his counsel. Congratulations, Dr. Brill!

Additionally, I won the award for Distinguished Achievement for Petroleum Engineering Faculty.  I want to thank all my faculty colleagues as well so many students, past and present, who made it possible.

I need to mention some of our alumni as well. Anil Ambastha won the Lester C. Uren Award and the Distinguished Member award. Erdal Ozkan also will be recognized as a Distinguished Member at the upcoming SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Allen Sinor won the Drilling Engineering Award. Over the next few months, I will provide additional information about them. At the SPE ATCE, a special luncheon will be held on October 6th to honor the JPT Legends of Production.  Drs. Kermit Brown and James Brill will be honored at this event.  I will provide more details in the next newsletter.

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, I have been traveling to many places. I have not had an opportunity to meet any alumni so far; however, I hope to see some folks during my next trip.

Now to…

Alumnus of the Month

This month’s Alumnus of the Month is Kristian Brekke. Kristian was born in and grew up close to Oslo, Norway. He got his first degree in Mechanical Engineering at Oslo College of Engineering. He spent his first working years as a design engineer. At the time, the Norwegian government was trying to stimulate the education of petroleum engineers abroad and offered scholarships to a select few approved Universities in the United States. Kristian decided to join TU and pretty soon he was on the plane with a scholarship, poor English skills, and a very idealized understanding of what a petroleum reservoir consisted of. He soon met up with the rest of the Norwegians at TU who had formed the Norwegian Viking Club. After getting his B.S., he went to work for several Norwegian and American oil companies. He got his M.S. at the TU Fluid Flow Projects (TUFFP) studying subsea separation and his Ph.D. within TU Petroleum Reservoir Exploitation Projects (TUPREP) studying horizontal well productivity. One of the highlights of his career has been the development of Inflow Control Devices (ICD) while working for Norsk Hydro. The technology is now offered by all major tool manufacturers and still occupies a lot of his time. He eventually started his own business in the well technology area and has spent about 10 years performing well inflow optimization studies and technology development for petroleum companies. He has made Tulsa his home, and currently works as Chief Scientist for Tejas Research and Engineering, a Houston based well technology company. Kristian will also be teaching a new graduate course this fall at TU. For more on Kristian, please visit our July 2009 Alumnus of the Month page

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Mohan Kelkar
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