Petroleum Engineering Alumni Newsletter - June 2009

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

On May 8th, we hosted our traditional graduation dinner. This year it was held at the Petroleum Club. The commencement ceremony took place on May 9th. We graduated 16 with B.S., 4 with M.S., and 2 with Ph.D. degrees in Petroleum Engineering. In addition to all the students, many parents of came to the graduation ceremony. I had a lot of fun sharing stories about the students with the parents and vice versa. The graduation speaker was Ed Behm, our June Alumnus of the Month (see below) and also a parent of one the graduating seniors (Rita Behm). Ed gave a great speech and wove the word TULSA in discussing the desirable characteristics of a graduating senior - Trustworthy, Understanding, Lifetime, Security and Appreciation. He gave insight on getting our facts straight and complete before taking the next step. I also appreciated his statements about being conservative with money and that we should see the value in developing strong friendships, working as a team member and that your name, your reputation, truly matter in the big picture.

This year, Dr. Leslie Thompson was given the Outstanding Teacher Award. Every year, three faculty members are chosen from across The University and given this award. The last time, someone from Petroleum Engineering received this award was in 1980 (Dr. Chi Ikoku). I want to congratulate Dr. Thompson for a well deserved (and long overdue) award.

As usual, in the summer months I travel a lot and have an opportunity to visit with some of the alumni. In the last week of May, I was in London and had an opportunity to visit the Schlumberger research lab in Abingdon. I met Raj Banerjee (M.S., 1997) and Amina Boughrara (Ph.D., 2007). We had fun reminiscing about TU and the department. I briefly visited Abu Dhabi after London and had a short visit with Ali Jarwan (B.S., 1979) and Mohammed Juma (B.S., 1981). I hope to see more alumni during my future travels as well.

Now to…

Alumnus of the Month

This month’s featured alumnus is Ed Behm. Ed has 29 years of experience in the upstream oil and gas industry, 28 of them with Oxy. Ed is currently Asset Development Manager with Vintage Production of California, a wholly owned subsidiary of Occidental Petroleum Corporation and received his B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from TU in 1980. Ed has spent his career mostly in mature oil field redevelopment and improved oil recovery applications in the US and overseas. In addition to operating area assignments, he was a director in the Oxy corporate financial planning and analysis department. He is a member of SPE and was a director of the Permian Basin and San Joaquin Valley sections. He has been a member of the Permian Basin Petroleum Association and was General Chairman of the 1998 PBOGRC (Permian Basin Oil and Gas Recovery Conference). Ed also served on the executive committee of CIPA (California Independent Petroleum Association). Ed is also a Professional Petroleum Engineer registered in California.

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