Petroleum Engineering Alumnus of the Month - March 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

Francisco Alhanati

Francisco AlhanatiFrancisco has over twenty-five years experience in the upstream oil & gas industry, mostly on applied R & D related to production operations. He worked 14+ years for Petrobras in Brazil but moved to Canada in 1997, where he has spent the last 12+ years with C-FER, a renowned R & D organizaion, with clients world-wide. He is a recognized technical expert in all artificial lift methods. He also has extensive knowledge of offshore production systems and heavy oil production operations. He holds a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from the Instituto Militar de Engenharia (1980), a M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (1989) and a Ph.D. degree in Petroleum Engineering from The University of Tulsa (1993). Francisco has been actively involved in the Society of Petroleum Engineers for many years, serving on technical committees for the ATCE, the JPT editorial committee, and as Distinguished Lecturer. He is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Why did you choose TU?

It was mostly the opportunity to work with Dr. Zelimir Schmidt, and to take advantage of the splendid TUALP experimental facilities at the North Campus. I met Dr. Schmidt in 1985, when he was teaching a short course in Brazil, and I was very impressed with his enthusiasm about everything related to Artificial Lift.

How did TU prepare you for your career?

I learned a lot of useful “stuff” during my courses and research at TU, especially from Dr. Zelimir Schmidt, Dr. Ovadia Shoham and Dr. Siamack Shirazi (Mechanical Engineering).

Any fond memories you would like to share with us?

The graduate students that had offices at the North Campus used to have lunch together daily. The lunch was usually some home cooked meals, leftovers brought from home. It was a true multi-cultural experience, as we had Brazilian, Venezuelan, Indonesian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Turkish students around.