Petroleum Engineering Alumnus of the Month - May 2009

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lee KeelingThis month’s featured alumnus is Lee Keeling.  Lee Keeling started his schooling at the University of Oklahoma.  His education at OU was interrupted during World War II when he joined the Air Force and served as a bomber pilot.  After WWII, he and his new wife, Aurilee, wanted to go back to OU.  Unfortunately, he could not find housing at OU.  His family volunteered temporary housing in Tulsa, and he and his wife joined TU.  Lee finished his BS in 1949 and joined Magnolia Petroleum (Mobil).  After working for five years, he decided to return to Tulsa and joined a consulting company, Keplinger and Wanenmacher.  In 1957, he started his own consulting company, Lee Keeling and Associates, which he still runs to this date.  As a consultant, Lee and his colleagues are involved in the appraisal of oil and gas properties all over the world.  He is a well-recognized figure in the world of oil & gas property evaluations.  

Even after fifty years, when I asked Lee about his fondest memory, he told me about the day he received his diploma from TU.  Lee is always willing to help out TU and the petroleum engineering department in every possible way. 

Over the years, I have asked him so many favors for the department and he has never refused.   With his vigor, energy and enthusiasm, Lee will put to shame many people who are half his age.  We are happy to have his counsel.  Lee just turned eighty-six and says that he is going to retire at the young age of ninety so that he can devote some time to improve his game of golf.

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