Petroleum Engineering Alumnus of the Month - November 2009

Monday, November 30, 2009

Faisal Bin Fahad Al-Thani, Ph.D.

Faisal Bin Fahad Al-ThaniDr. Faisal Al-Thani is a senior director and Head of Business Development for Maersk Oil, based in Doha, Qatar. Prior to this he has held the position of Deputy General Manager, seconded by Qatar Petroleum to companies including Anadarko Qatar Energy, BP-Arco, and Arco Qatar. His background is in Petroleum Engineering and Project Finance Management. He has published a number of papers and books in the area of Risk Management and Project Finance.

Dr. Faisal is a Fullbright Scholar of the University of Colorado holding a; BSc in Petroleum Engineering from The University of Tulsa; MSc in Project Management from University of Bath and a PhD in Project Finance in the Oil & Gas Industry from Leeds University.  His work in the oil and gas industry spans 23 years, beginning his career as a wellsite petroleum engineer in Qatar Petroleum and having worked in various other functions including reservoir engineering and petroleum planning, economics and contracts.

Al-Thani is Chairman of the Qatar Society of Petroleum Engineers and a board member of the International Society of Petroleum Engineers, Dallas USA.

Dr. Faisal Al-Thani in his own words:

Why did you choose TU?

The excellent reputation of TU, especially in the petroleum engineering field.

Did TU prepare you well for your career?

The technical knowledge I gained from studying at TU helped me a lot in my career as a petroleum engineer.

Any fond memories you would like to share?

I had a great time at TU also Tulsa is a pleasant city to live in. I made a lot of friends at the university both students and TU faculty keeping contacts with some of them.

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