Petroleum Engineering Alumni Newsletter - September 2009

Thursday, October 01, 2009

We are in week five of the semester.  Our enrollment has settled down and we have firm numbers at hand regarding the enrollment.  We currently have 327 undergraduate students: 101 are freshmen, 70 are sophomores, 80 are juniors and 76 are seniors.  Compared to last year, when we had 260 students in the program, we have increased the enrollment by 67 students.  In addition, we have 82 graduate students - 63 Masters and 19 Ph.D.  With a total of 409 students in the program, we constitute 10% of TU’s total enrollment.  For undergraduate students, about 50% are international students.  This mix has remained fairly steady for over the last four years.  Our graduate program is mostly international. Increased enrollment has several consequences.  Our class sizes have gotten bigger.  Many junior and senior level classes have more than 50 students; a situation which is not desirable for the faculty or the students.  We are intending to offer many of these courses twice a year so that the enrollment in individual classes will be reduced.

Increased enrollment also means increased need for additional internship and permanent job offers.  Unfortunately, the job market is down this year.  Almost all companies which came last year to interview are back on campus.  However, they are hiring fewer people.  This year, it is possible that many students who graduate and the ones who are seeking summer internships will not receive offers.  If you are working for a small company and do not come on campus, but are still willing to consider offering a summer internship or a permanent job, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with resumes of the students interested in jobs.  We also plan to have a job fair in the spring semester to encourage more companies to come on campus.  I am still hoping that with the firming up of gas prices over the next six months, there will be additional interest in hiring students next semester.  As usual, during the Annual SPE meeting, we will have a reception for our alumni.  If you are attending the meeting in New Orleans, I hope that you can join us.   

Now to…

Alumnus of the Month

Anil Ambastha is a senior reservoir simulation advisor working for Chevron’s IndoAsia Business Unit in Duri, Indonesia.  Besides Chevron, he has worked for Oil and Natural Gas Commission of India, University of Alberta, Phillips Research Center (sabbatical), Shell Canada Limited, and Kuwait Oil Company (secondee from Chevron) over a period of 21 years.  His areas of work and past experience include applied reservoir simulation, pressure transient analysis, thermal recovery, and gas reservoir engineering.  Anil was the primary editor for “Heavy Oil Recovery” re-print series no. 61 and currently serves as the Executive Editor of SPEREE (Reservoir Engineering).  He holds B.Tech., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees, all in petroleum engineering, from Indian School of Mines, The University of Tulsa, and Stanford University, respectively, along with an M.S. in operations research from Stanford University.  At the SPE Annual Meeting in New Orleans this year, he will be recognized for receiving Lester Uren Award, as well as the Distinguished Member Award.  For additional information on Anil, please see Anil's Alumnus of the Month feature on our website. 

Keep sending your comments.  Hope to see you in New Orleans.

Petroleum Engineering Dept.