Petroleum Engineering Alumnus of the Month - April 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dag O. Sanner

Dag SannerDag O. Sanner is Senior Vice President Development, ConocoPhillips. He is seconded to Abu Dhabi Gas Development Company Ltd., a joint Venture between ConocoPhillips and Abu Dhabi National Oil Company in the United Arab Emirates.  

Sanner began his career with Phillips Petroleum Company in 1989 as a reservoir engineer and has served the company in the USA, Norway, United Kingdom, Australia, Venezuela and Abu Dhabi.  He was involved in the development of the company’s gas fields in the Texas panhandle, water injection for the Eldfisk field in the North Sea and Jade, a HPHT field in the UK sector. He relocated to Perth, Australia in 1999 to work on Bayu Undan Field, a large gas/condensate discovery in the Timor Sea. He was named reservoir engineering director in 2003 and witnessed the Bayu Undan Field come on-stream in February 2004. He moved to Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela late in 2005, seconded to Petrolera Ameriven. He was Exploitation Manager and responsible for maintaining field rate of extra heavy crude oil from the Hamaca field. ConocoPhillips decided to pull out of Venezuela in May 2007 and Sanner relocated to Norway to take up the role as integration manager for the Ekofisk Field, responsible for progressing two major projects through the investment gate. He secured approval for the first subsea water injection project for ConocoPhillips Norway. Sanner was named to his current position in December 2008.  

Born in Oslo, Norway in 1963, Sanner relocated to the USA and graduated from The University of Tulsa (TU) with a bachelor’s degree in 1987 and a master’s degree in 1989, both in petroleum engineering.

Why did you choose TU?

I grew up moving to different countries with my parents and wanted to study abroad. There was a great demand for petroleum engineers in Norway at the time and a business consortium led by Statoil provided a scholarship to qualified students. We had a choice in the US between three universities. I selected TU, because it was the smallest of the three.

Did TU prepare you well for your career?

Yes, TU gave me a solid academic background and the opportunity to start work for Phillips Petroleum.

Any fond memories you would like to share?

All the fun we had with the TU [Golden Hurricane], watching football (which I never bothered to understand) and getting to know the fraternities and sororities. Never forget when we all met at the airport to go home for Christmas, we had breakfast, lots of fun and missed the plane.

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