Petroleum Engineering Alumni Newsletter - July-August 2010

Monday, August 02, 2010

I have been late on the last few newsletters; therefore, I plan to get caught up by combining the July and August newsletters.  I do not intend to do it again, but this will allow me to be on time with the September newsletter.  Summer is a slow time and, as I recall, we have never offered summer PE classes in the past.  We always had the demand; however, most of our faculty is unwilling to teach summer classes.  This year, however, we offered three classes - Reservoir Engineering II, Production Engineering I and Drilling Engineering I.  Fortunately for us, we were able to find adjuncts to teach these classes.  The classes were a hit and we averaged 20 - 25 people in each class.  Hopefully, this will reduce our regular enrollment in the classes during the fall/spring semesters.  I am very concerned about the number of students in our classes.  For the last couple of years, we have averaged more than forty in many of our classes.  I would prefer a smaller number so that the students will get the individual attention they deserve.  We are going to make every effort to reduce our enrollment to be in line with the number of faculty members we have.  I will update you on the progress as we move forward.  

Last month, we hosted twenty-five students from Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University (PDPU), Gujarat, India.  This is the first time we have hosted undergraduate students from another petroleum engineering program.  The three week program involved some classroom teaching based on some of the latest technology and included many field trips to acquaint students with various petroleum facilities.  The program was a success and the students enjoyed it.  I want to thank Drs. SaricaPrado and Ozbayoglu for participating.  I also want to extend special thanks to Lori Watts (my Project Coordinator) and Ruth Ives of Continuing Engineering & Science Education who did a lot of organizational work to make the program successful.  If you are interested in viewing the photos from some of the program’s activities, please click here.  We hope to continue this program in the future and are discussing many ways to collaborate with this institution.  As these programs develop, I will keep you updated.  

SPE just announced the annual awards for fall 2010.  As usual, TU faculty and alumni garnered several awards.  Dr. Cem Sarica won the Production Operations Award.  He is the third TU faculty to win this award.  Dr. Mustafa Onur, who received his MS and PhD from TU (and was recently featured as an Alumnus of the Month) won the Formation Evaluation Award.  Allen Sinor, alumnus, will receive his Drilling Engineering Award at the SPE 2010 ATCE.  Anil Ambasta, alumnus, and Dean Oliver, former Chairman of TU’s Petroleum Engineering Department, were given Distinguished Service Awards.  Dr. Stefan Miska, Jorge Manrique and I won the Distinguished Member Award.  Jorge is featured in this newsletter as Alumnus of the Month.  Congratulations to all; we are proud of you.  

Alumnus of the Month

Dr. Jorge Manrique, a native of Peru, received his MS (’90) and PhD (’93) in Petroleum Engineering from The University of Tulsa.  He is the Integrated Development Team Leader at Shell in P&T Front End Studies America, currently managing the Unconventional Reservoirs Support Team in Houston.  In this role, he provides advice and support for development and optimization of unconventional assets.  Prior to that, he was the Integrated Development and Implementation Leader for EOR and CO2 Capture and Sequestration Team.  Prior to joining Shell in 2007, he was a Senior Production Advisor with OXY, working closely with executives, chief engineers and assets, providing technical support, setting corporate standards and best practices for production operations and performance optimization worldwide.  Past roles, include time as an independent consultant and executive positions with Knowledge Reservoir, in Houston, Yukos E&P, in the Russian Federation and tenure with Schlumberger in a variety of roles.  In all these positions, the common thread has always been the quest for production optimization and for creating a “differential”, covering from applied formation evaluation to real time financial optimization of developing assets.  Author of several technical papers, his interests and expertise cover, reservoir characterization and simulation, applied geomechanics, horizontal wells and well stimulation technologies, CCS and EOR applications.  

Dr. Manrique was recipient of the 2008 SPE Gulf Coast Production Engineering Award and has been recognized several times as Outstanding Technical Editor for the SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering Journal.  He was recently invited to the Forum Series Implementation Committee and is currently member of the Production & Operations Committee.  He has served in several technical committees for the Annual Technology Conference & Exhibition (ATCE) organization, chaired several Applied Technology Workshops (ATW) and was Chairman of the 2009 Tight Gas and Shale Gas SPE Forum.  

He is an active member of several professional associations – SPE, SPWLA, AAPG and AIChE.  He is married to Karla Sanchez de Manrique MS (ChemE, U. of Tulsa ’93) with three sons - Jorge, Joseph and Jason – and they live in Houston.  For more on Jorge, please visit our July-August Alumnus of the Month feature.  

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Mohan Kelkar
Chairman and Williams Endowed Chair Professor

Petroleum Engineering Dept.