Petroleum Engineering Alumni Newsletter - September 2010

Thursday, September 02, 2010

The fall semester started almost two weeks ago and the students are settling in.  As can be expected, we are still increasing the number of students in the program.  We have 97 freshmen, 77 sophomores, 62 juniors and 109 seniors.  In addition, we have 50 MS, 19 ME and 24 PhD students.  This totals 345 undergraduates and 93 graduate students.  This amounts to approximately 11% of both undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled at The University of Tulsa.   This also means that our class sizes will continue to be large in the foreseeable future.  This year, we have instituted a new requirement for all the entering freshmen.  They will have to earn a minimum 2.5 GPA in their mathematics and science courses during the freshmen year.  They will have to complete this course work within their first three semesters.  If they do not meet the minimum 2.5 GPA within the prescribed time, they will be dismissed from the program.  I have noted in the past that the students who struggle in these classes also struggle in higher level courses.  The correlation is not perfect but quite strong.  Our hope is that by implementing this additional requirement, we will be able to retain the best quality students in the program and also reduce the enrollment.  We do not know yet whether this will be successful or not; however, since the PE program does not have any control over who is admitted to the program, this is the only recourse we have at this point.   

Dean Steve Bellovich agreed to add one more instructor for this year for us.  Dan Hawe, who is currently pursuing a MS in our program and has more than 25 years of experience in the industry, joined the program as an instructor.  Dan brings a lot of industrial savvy to the program.  He started teaching on a part time basis in the spring 2010 semester and students really appreciated his practical input.  He will be teaching two classes this semester and will also be helping us with the Capstone Design course and the undergraduate labs.  We are excited to have Dan on board and hope that we can keep him for a while.  For the last few years, we hired many adjuncts to teach some of our classes, and many of the instructors were very good; unfortunately, their office hours were quite restrictive and students complained.  By having Dan around all the time, we hope that students will be able to get their questions answered much more effectively.  

The SPE fall meeting is around a corner.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to hold our alumni function this year.  Apparently, the space in Florence is quite limited and SPE was not able to secure space for us to hold the function.  I will be going to the meeting and hope to see many of you there, at least informally.  If you see me, please do not hesitate to say hello and give me updates on what is going on in your life.  

Alumnus of the Month

This month’s alumnus is Dr. Willie Iyoho who received his PhD from The University of Tulsa in 1980.   Dr. Iyoho is considered a world renowned expert in the area of drilling hydraulics and hole cleaning.  As a representative of Shell International’s E & P, Willie is intimately involved in the Tulsa University Drilling Research Projects (TUDRP).  Dr. Iyoho’s current job as Senior Well Engineer at Shell includes serving as mentor and expert in the area of drilling hydraulics, extended reach drilling, and casing design.  He is also involved in the development of some of the new technologies.   Before joining Shell, Dr. Iyoho worked at Anadarko Petroleum Corporation as Engineering Advisor/Training Instructor, served as technical advisor for PDO (Petroleum Development of Oman), taught at Sultan Qaboos University in Oman, was a technical director for Petrogas in Oman, worked for Amoco Production Research and also ran his own company.  Willie is married to Grace, also a graduate of The University of Tulsa, and has two daughters, two sons and one grandson.  For more on Willie, please see our September 2010 Alumnus of the Month feature.  

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