Petroleum engineering students win SPE paper awards

Friday, October 26, 2012

Two University of Tulsa students recently won top awards in the 2012 SPE International Student Paper Contest sponsored by the Society of Professional Engineers.

TU senior Oliver Wilson of Houston received 1st place in the Undergraduate Division, and graduate student Yahya Hashemian of Isfahan, Iran, earned 3rd place in the PhD Division. Wilson and Hashemian are student leaders in TU’s McDougall School of Petroleum Engineering and submitted entries based on their areas of study.

Wilson’s paper, “Water Handling and Disposal for a Rapidly Developing Field,” explored the growing need for water handling and disposal methods in the oil and gas industry. According to Wilson, advancements in petroleum-related technologies have increased the impact of water management.

Hashemian’s paper, titled “Prediction of Barite Sag in Horizontal Annular Flow,” investigates the undesirable fluctuation of drilling fluid density, both experimentally and numerically. Hashemian said barite sag can lead to a number of drilling problems including well control, or blow out, and stuck pipe.

SPE organizes 10 regional student paper contests each year on undergraduate, master’s and doctoral levels. Regional winners are selected to participate in the international competition, held during the Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition. Each entry includes an abstract, statement of theory and definitions, description of processes, data presentation and conclusion.

Gail Banzet