Randy Doyle Hazlett, Ph.D.

Randy Hazlett

Associate ProfessorStephenson Hall #2270
(918) 631-2695


Dr. Hazlett joined the faculty in Fall 2012 with more than 25 years of industry experience. He joined the R&D department at Mobil in 1986 after graduate studies at the University of Texas at Austin under the supervision of Professor Robert S. Schechter. Dr. Hazlett’s dissertation topic concerned measurement and theoretical modeling of macroemulsion stability in near critical microemulsion systems for low tension waterflooding. While at Mobil, Dr. Hazlett worked on a balance of cutting edge research involving high temperature, high pressure experimentation and theoretical process modeling. He worked alongside researchers at Brookhaven National Laboratory and Los Alamos National Laboratory developing methodology to simulate multiphase flow in pore-level, microtomographic renderings of reservoir rocks. He fostered cross-disciplinary research in analytic solutions to the Laplace Equation for application in reservoir simulator well equations. That work evolved into a concentrated effort on performance models appropriate for describing complex wells. Dr. Hazlett holds more than a dozen U.S. Patents.

Education and Degrees Earned

  • Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin, 1986
  • M.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin, 1983
  • B.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin, 1980

Areas of Academic Specialty

  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Special Core Analysis

Areas of Research Focus

  • Complex well performance modeling
  • Multiphase flow in porous media
  • Enhanced oil recovery (CO2, surfactant)
  • Discrete fracture modeling for unconventional resources

Previous Teaching Experience

Previous Relevant Work Experience

  • 2000-2012, Potential Research Solutions, Dallas, TX
  • 1995-2000, Mobil Technology Company, Dallas, TX
  • 1986-1995, Mobil R&D Corporation, Dallas, TX  

Professional Affiliations

Courses Taught at TU

  • Reservoir Engineering II (PE 4113/6513)

Awards & Recognition

  • R&D 100 Award for Lattice Boltzmann Permeameter
  • Society of Core Analysts, Best Paper, 1996


  • Discrete Wellbore and Fracture Modeling for Unconventional Wells and Unconventional Reservoirs
    Hazlett, R. D. & Babu, D. K.; Presented at the SPE ATCE, San Antonio, October 8-10, 2012.
  • Highly Accurate Approximations of Green's and Neumann Functions on Rectangular Domains
    McCann, R., Hazlett, R. D., & Babu, D. K. 2001. Proc. Royal Society A 457, 767-772.
  • Optimal Well Placement in Heterogeneous Reservoirs Via Semi-Analytic Modeling
    Hazlett, R. D. & Babu, D. K. 2005. SPEJ (Sept), 286-296.
  • Percolation Model for Permeability Reduction in Porous Media by Continuous-Gas Foams
    Hazlett, R. D. & Furr, M. J. 2000. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 39 (8), 2709-2716.
  • Pore Level Imaging of Fluid Transport Using Synchrotron X-Ray Microtomography
    Coles, M. E., Hazlett, R. D., Spanne, P., Soll, W. E., Muegge, E. L. & Jones, K. W. 1998. Petroleum Science and Engineering 19 (1/2), 55-64.
  • Readily Computable Green’s and Neumann Functions for Symmetry-Preserving Triangles
    Hazlett, R. D. & Babu, D. K. 2009. Quarterly of Applied Math LXVII (3), 579-592.
  • Semianalytical Stream-Function Solutions on Unstructured Grids for Flow in Heterogeneous Media
    Hazlett, R. D., Babu, D. K., & Lake, L. W. 2007. SPEJ (June), 179-187.
  • Simulation of Capillary-Dominated Displacements in Microtomographic Images of Reservoir Rocks
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  • Statistical Characterization and Stochastic Modeling of Pore Networks in Relation to Fluid Flow
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  • Wettability and rate effects on immiscible displacement: Lattice Boltzmann simulation in microtomographic images of reservoir rocks
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