Certificate Programs

Certificate in Computer Science

This program prepares individuals trained in other fields to qualify for entry-level programming positions or to enhance their computing skills in an existing position.

Those admitted to this program must hold a bachelor’s degree, have completed one year of college mathematics, and demonstrate the intellectual and analytical capacity to succeed in the computing profession. Certification requires that students complete 18 hours of accredited course work in computer science with a minimum 2.0 grade point average.

Course requirements and options (see Computer Science section for descriptions of the following courses):

Computer Sciences - 18 Hours

  • CS 1043 - Introduction to Programming and Problem-Solving
  • CS 2003 - Fundamentals of Algorithm and Computer Applications
  • CS 2123 - Data Structures
  • CS Electives - 9 Hours, including 6 hours of 3000 level or above

Information Security Certificates

The department also offers certificate programs in information security at all federal training levels. These certificate options are not tied to The University of Tulsa's certificate programs. The program certifies that students satisfying program requirements are trained to the federal standards for information systems security professionals and are eligible to work in information security at the federal level.