Undergraduate Majors and Minors

B.S. in Computer Science

The degree in Computer Science allows student to study a strong foundation in mathematics and the sciences in conjunction with the computer science major courses.

B.S. in Information Technology

The Information Technology program offers students the opportunity to study computer science with an emphasis in business and management information systems. Students in this program study far fewer mathematics and physical science course with almost the same computer science requirements.

Minor in Computer Science

Students from other disciplines may minor in Computer Science.

Minor in Computational Sciences

Students from other disciplines may also minor in Computational Sciences.

Certificate in Computer Science

The Certificate in Computer Science prepares individuals trained in other fields to qualify for entry-level programming positions or to enhance their computing skills in an existing position. Those admitted to this program must hold a bachelor’s degree, have completed one year of college mathematics, and demonstrate the intellectual and analytical capacity to succeed in the computing profession.