Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

The B.S. in Information Technology provides students a solid foundation in computer science and emphasizes supporting study in Business, Economics, and Statistics courses.

Course requirements for this degree plan include:

  • 45 credits of IT Professional CS Courses plus 2 additional CS electives (6 credits) at the 3000 level and above.
  • 25 credits of Tulsa curriculum 2 Block I courses, 4 Block II courses including Econ 2013 and Econ 2023, and 2 Block III courses including 1 with a lab.
    • 6 credits of English including ENGL 1033 and Engl 3003.
    • 13/14 credits of Mathematics and Statistics including Math 1163, Math 2014, and one of the following sequences (A or B):
      • A:  Math 2024 and Stat 4813
      • B:  QM 2013 and QM 2023 
      • 12 credits of Business courses including Acct 2113 and Acct 2123, an MIS elective at the 4000 level, and a Business elective at the 3000 level and above
      • 11/12 credits of general electives

      124 credits required for the B.S. in Information Technology

      To become a candidate for a degree in information technology, a student must complete all computer science courses in the curriculum with a grade-point average of at least 2.0, and earn a 2.0 or better overall.

      Please note that students are required to follow the course balance sheet on which they enrolled.  This may vary from the information reflected on this site.  Students should contact the College of Engineering & Natural Sciences' Advising Office for a copy of their active balance sheets.