Minor in Computational Science

CSE has arisen as a relatively new interdisciplinary filed of scientific and engineering research. It is now offered as a masters or doctorate program at several leading institutions. The benefits of using computer simulations in production and research are now integral and essential to business and research. Computer simulation provides the capability to enter fields that are inaccessible to traditional experimentation.


The Computational Science minor will prepare our undergraduates to pursue graduate programs that aim to instruct its graduates in computer modeling and simulation of technical and natural systems. These graduates, Computational Scientist and Engineers, will be able to work in advanced fields of technical research and development, and will be engaged in basic research.


Students from other disciplines may minor in computational science.  Course requirements for this degree plan include:

  • 12 credits including CS 2503, Math 4123, CS 4533 one of the following
    • Bio 4063
    • Chem 3023
    • CS 4643
    • Math 4213
    • ME 4096
    • Geo 4003