Computer Labs

The Tandy School of Computer Science maintains three computer labs located around Rayzor Hall. The primary lab is the Computer Programming Lab, in room 2045, which is available for students to use 8AM-8PM, Monday through Friday. Room 2045 provides students access to 27 dual-core 3.3 Ghz Pentium i5 machines running Windows 7 Professional.  Each machine is equipped with 8 GB of RAM, a 21 inch wide-screen monitor, and an ATI Radeon 6450 video card with 1 GB VRAM. 

In addition to room 2045, there are two instructional labs: the Instructional Computer Lab, in room 2055, contains 21 machines and the Senior Project Lab, in room 2015, contains 10 machines. Both instructional labs are available to students on an as needed basis.  

Linux Servers

Students may request access to the College of ENS Linux pool.  This pool provides services including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache, version control, Java, PHP, and GCC.

In addition, students at The University of Tulsa can request accounts from the University of Oklahoma Center for Education & Research (OSCER).  OSCER provides and maintains the Sooner and Condor super clusters.  Sooner is capable of sustaining 28,030 GFLOPs, has 8,800 GB of RAM and is currently being upgraded to Petabyte Storage thanks to a Major Research Instrumentation award from the National Science Foundation.