Energy Law Journal Training and Regulatory Workshop

Friday, August 20th, 2010
Energy Regulatory Basics

Jason Seigars & Professor Robert Butkin - Video
Overview of the Regulated Energy Industry
Professor Diana Hall - Video
Basics of Energy Regulation
Mr. Harvey Reiter & Vice Dean Gary Allison - Video
Basics of a Rate Case/Regulatory Proceeding
Mr. Tom Schroedter - Video
The Division Between State & Federal Regulatory
Authority Over the Energy Industry

Mr. Harvey Reiter - Video
Elements of the FERC Regulatory Process
Mr. Harvey Reiter - Video

Saturday, August 21th, 2010
Current Topics in Energy Law, Policy & Regulation

Current Congressional / State Policy Initiatives
Mr. Andrew Young & Mr. William Keyser - Video
FERC Rulemaking Initiatives
Mr. Andrew Young & Mr. William Keyser - Video
The Interplay Between Regulation and Climate Change
& Energy Independence Issues (Domestic & International)

Mr. Robert Fleishman - Video