Symposium Videos - Honoring The Honorable Aharon Barak

Tulsa Law Review Legal Scholarship Symposium

Friday, March 25, 2011
Opening Remarks by Bryce Harp Video
Editor-in-Chief, Tulsa Law Review
In memoriam of Professor Zeev Segal
Presented by Professor Ariel Bendor Video
Panel I - Judicial Activism vs Judicial Restraint
Moderator - Professor Robert Butkin Video
Professor Ariel Bendor Video
Beyond Judicial Activism and Restraint
Judge Yigal Mersel Video
On Aharon Barak’s Activist Image
Q&A Video
Panel II - Judicial Oversight and Aggressive Interrogation/Detainee Treatment
Moderator - Professor Lyn Entzeroth Video
Professor Owen Fiss Video
Aberrations No More
Professor Sanford Levinson Video
To what extent is judicial intervention against torture a “hollow hope”?
Reflections on the American experience since 2001
Q&A Video
Panel III - Transnational Jurisprudence
Moderator - Bill Rice Video
Professor Lorraine Weinrib Video
What is transnational law?
Professor Daphne Barak-Erez Video
Judicial Conversations and Comparative Law: The Case of Non-Hegemonic Countries
Q&A Video
Professor Markus Wagner Video
Transnational Legal Communication: Beyond the Transnational Judicial Dialogue Paradigm
Professor Melissa Waters Video
Transnationalizing Courts:  A Militant Moderate’s Take
Q&A Video
Justice Aharon Barak Video
On Society, Law and Judging
Closing Remarks by Bryce Harp Video