TU College of Law Alumni reestablish mentoring program

Friday, August 29, 2008

The Mentoring Committee of the TU College of Law Alumni Board is reestablishing a mentoring program between practicing lawyers and TU law students.

The purpose of the program is to foster relationships between law students and legal professionals, offering a realistic view of legal practice apart from the academic experience in the classroom. It will also expand law students’ networking opportunities in the legal community in which they intend to practice. Additionally, the program will aid the College of Law to remain connected to its alumni, while also gaining new support from legal professionals who did not graduate from the College of Law.

The TU College of Law Mentoring Program will be administered through the TU Law Office of Career Services, the office of TU Law Alumni Relations and the TU Law Alumni Mentoring Committee. Vicki Jordan and Jennifer Flexner with the law school's career services office will work with law students wishing to participate. Muriel Hakim, assistant to the dean for law alumni relations, will coordinate with legal professionals participating as mentors. The mentoring committee, chaired by Briana Ross and Caroline Abbott, will monitor the progress of the program, recruit additional mentors as needed and report to the College of Law Alumni Board on a monthly basis.

The program is actively recruiting lawyers to serve as mentors.

Students and lawyers who want to participate in the program will submit applications to be used for matching purposes. Matches will be based on practice area, practice setting or the student’s geographic area of interest. Matches also may be made based upon students’ status as either full- or part-time.

A kick-off celebration for the mentoring program is planned as part of the law school’s homecoming festivities. The celebration will be held at 5:30 p.m., Thursday, October 2, at John Rogers Hall. Light refreshments will be served as those involved with the program will have the chance to meet at the mezzanine.

Anyone interested in serving as a mentor may contact Muriel Hakim at (918) 631-3320 or muriel-hakim@utulsa.edu. Applications are available online.