November Faculty News

Friday, November 14, 2008

Barbara Bucholtz – Professor of Legal Writing
•    Article entitled “Doing Well by Doing Good and Vice-Versa: Self-Sustaining NGO/Nonprofit Organizations” will be published in the Spring 2009 issue of Brooklyn Law School’s Journal of Law and Policy.

Russell Christopher – Professor of Law
Lectures and Addresses
•    Presented “Rape by Fraud and Reverse Statutory Rape” on Sept. 2 at Exeter College, Oxford University in Oxford, England.
•    Presented “The Overbreadth of Statutory Rape” on Oct. 13 at Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles.

Janet Levit – Dean and Professor of Law
Lectures and Addresses
•    Delivered a talk titled “Bottom-Up Lawmaking Through a Pluralist Lens: The ICC Banking Commission and the Transnational Regulation of Letters of Credit” at the New York University School of Law Hauser Globalization Colloquium on October 15.
•    Was one of five speakers on a panel discussing transnational regulatory orders as part of International Law Weekend 2008: The United States and International Law: Legal Traditions and Future Possibilities sponsored by the American Branch of the International Law Association in New York City.
•    “Bottom-Up Lawmaking: The Private Origins of Transnational Law” in the Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies as part of the symposium “Democracy and the Transnational Private Sector” at Indiana University School of Law.

G. William Rice – Professor of Law
Lectures and Addresses
•    Presented his paper “Some Thoughts on the Future of Indian Gaming” at the conference, Indian Country’s Winning Hand: 20 years of IGRA, held Oct. 16 and 17 at Fort McDowell Radisson Resort and Casino sponsored by the Indian Legal Program of the Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law.

Irma Russell – Professor of Law
Lectures and Addresses
•    Gave a presentation titled “Steering the Right Course through Developments in Carbon Policy” at the Environmental Federation of Oklahoma’s 17th annual meeting.

Melissa Tatum – Professor of Law
Lectures and Addresses
•    Presented a paper entitled “January 8, 1962 – the Day the Universe Changed: Gideon, ICRA, and the Erosion of Tribal Sovereignty” at Michigan State University’s fifth annual Indian Law Conference.

Ray Yasser – Professor of Law
•    Article entitled “Upon Further Review: Recognizing Procedural Due Process Rights for Suspended High School Athletes” was published in Entertainment and Sports Lawyer, vol. 26:3, 2008.

Jimmy Hart