The University of Tulsa Rolls Out New Website

Monday, April 27, 2009

The University of Tulsa has officially taken the wraps off its upgraded University-wide Web site, and there is something in that upgrade for Law School alumni.

By Terry L. Watt (BA ’75, PhD ’84, MBA ’88, JD ’95)   

The University of Tulsa has officially taken the wraps off its upgraded University-wide Web site, and there is something in that upgrade for Law School alumni. Our Web site has been given a significant facelift and update.

To navigate to the new Law School alumni web page, bring up the TU Web site ( and click on the “Alumni and Friends” link in the right column of the home page. That will open a new browser window with the university alumni Web site ( One click on the “Law Alumni” link will bring up the Law School Alumni Web site.

You will want to bookmark this page in your browser for your future reference, as it is likely that you will be returning here often.

One advantage of linking to the Law School alumni web site through the main alumni web site is that this serves to represent our strong relationship with the university.

The first change you are likely to notice is that the new law alumni web site is fully integrated into the College of Law web site. The current stylistic unity with the College of Law makes it clearer that the alumni association is an integral part of the University. Further, there are a number of direct web links to the law school web site on the law alumni home page.

On the left-hand side of the home page are a number of links that will be of ongoing interest to alumni. For example, there are front page feeds to “News” and “Events,” both of which should be consulted regularly in order to stay abreast of happenings in and out of the law school.

Other links on the home page include a link to the “Alumni Ambassador Program,” which makes it possible for alumni to assist Law School admissions in recruiting highly qualified students for the school. The Alumni Association also has a link and, if you have an interest, you click that link to find out which of your classmates is currently on the Board of Directors or is serving on one of the committees of this hard-working group. 

Want to get involved?  The e-mail address and phone number for Heather Rahhal, associate director for law alumni relations, are posted for those who want to volunteer.

Additionally, there is a link that leads to digital copies of the law school alumni publication the Tulsa Law Magazine, which has for many years kept law school alumni informed of activities on the campus and elsewhere. There is also a link to the College of Law eNewsletter that is distributed electronically to alumni who have registered their e-mail addresses at the main alumni Web site. The Law School Mentoring Program also has its own link and associated web page. 

There are also links that allow alumni to make contributions to the University and learn about continuing legal education opportunities. Those wishing to attend the upcoming gala will find a separate links to an online registration form.

As the main University Web site makes clear, the recent rollout of a revamped Web site is still a work in progress, as is the law alumni web page. That is as it should be because the Internet is constantly changing and, if the University is to remain relevant to its alumni, it too must also innovate and change. In the meantime, take a tour of the new alumni Web site, and let us know what you think.

Jimmy Hart