TU College of Law Seeks to Energize Alumni Across the Country

Monday, December 21, 2009

During the past year, The University of Tulsa Law Alumni Association and The University of Tulsa College of Law have set out to increase alumni involvement in markets outside the Tulsa area. With the current state of the legal job market, our alumni and graduating students have drawn heavily on contacts they have made with TU Law alumni for job placement and professional networking opportunities.

Since fall 2008, the Law Alumni Association has hosted receptions for alumni in Dallas, Oklahoma City, Denver, St. Louis, Springfield, and Washington, D.C. The spring of 2010 will bring trips to Dallas, as well as Ft. Worth and Kansas City. When Dean Levit attends receptions, she shares information on the state of the college, its current goals, and the trials it faces. These receptions also serve as a catalyst for alumni to strengthen their affiliation with the college and with a valuable network of contacts whose reach continues to expand.

On November 6, the TU College of Law and the Law Alumni Association hosted a reception in Washington, D.C., during a faculty recruiting conference which several TU Law faculty members and officials attended to interview professorial candidates. The evening reception was attended by both area alumni as well as interviewees for faculty positions. 

“It gave us a great sense of pride to see the enthusiastic representation of our D.C. alumni at an event where we were also recruiting faculty” said Levit. “Hearing about their diverse accomplishments was especially fulfilling.” 

The occasion was an ideal opportunity for TU Law alumni in D.C. to reconnect with colleagues, meet fellow alumni and other legal professionals, and for everyone present to gain a sense of the achievements taking place at the TU College of Law.

To suggest an event in your area, please contact the Office of Law Alumni Relations at (918) 631-3320 or email TULawAlumni@utulsa.edu.

Jimmy Hart