Continued Career Counseling for Alumni

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The TU College of Law Office of Professional Development works not only with current law students, but with law alumni as well.

Services available to alumni include:

  • Access to jobs – as an alumni, you have access to the TU Law job bulletin (password protected) as well as our referral services;
  • Career counseling – Professional development will discuss your career and goals, in confidence, and help you explore your options;
  • Resume review – the format of your resume changes once you have embarked upon your professional career; and Professional Development can help you reorganize your resume so it is best targeted to get the attention of the desired prospective employers;
  • Interview preparation – once your goals are established and your resume is ready, the Professional Development staff may conduct mock interviews with you and prepare you for the style of interview and type of questions to expect;
  • Career-related resources – the Professional Development Office has a library filled with valuable job search resources that are available for you to check out and read at your convenience;
  • Networking opportunities – you are welcome to participate in career-related programs as a speaker or attendee, and share networking ideas and opportunities;
  • Salary information – we can share salary information, locally, regionally and nationally, for both legal and non legal jobs; and
  • Reciprocity – if you are interested in relocating, Professional Development can communicate with other law school Career Services Offices to request that they assist you in your job search.

Professional Development staff is available for in-person appointments after 5:00 p.m. if scheduled in advance. You may reach the office at (918) 631-2430, or visit online by clicking here.

Jimmy Hart