TU College of Law Students Receive Special Training, Take Diagnostic Bar Exam

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The University of Tulsa College of Law continues to initiate programs to ensure its students are prepared to successfully take the bar exam after graduation. The latest occurred March 23, when more than 120 second- and third-year TU law students took a diagnostic multistate bar exam to assess their readiness.

The multiple choice exam, administered by Kaplan PMBR, consisted of 100 questions and tested basic substantive skills learned in the first year. The exam contained 25 questions each on the subjects of crimes, contracts, torts and property.

“We offered the diagnostic exam for free to our second-year and some third-year students to help support their preparations for the bar exam,” said Martha Cordell, assistant dean for student affairs. “The diagnostic exam shows the students their strengths and weaknesses, provides experience with the exam format and provides the law school with valuable feedback about our curriculum.”

Cordell said the exam results were mostly in line with students’ classroom performance, and weaknesses typically reflected subject matter not covered in required courses.

Three days after the exam, Chris Fromm, executive director of education for Kaplan PMBR, presented a four-hour diagnostic review for students to review their performance. Fromm’s presentation covered general instruction regarding the format of the exam, the exhibited areas of weakness and the importance of participating in bar review courses.

“I thought the presentation was great,” said Kelley Bogusz, a second-year student who participated in the exam and review session. “I’m more excited to start studying for the bar and not as scared of this monster that is waiting at the end of my 3L year. I learned a lot just taking the exam and reviewing the questions at the presentation.”

The TU College of Law plans to continue offering the diagnostic exam, but will likely schedule future exams for the first semester of students’ third year.

Jimmy Hart