TU Law Alumnus Establishes Niche in Bicycle Cases

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Bradley Tucker

University of Tulsa College of Law alumnus Brad Tucker (JD ’90) has become a specialist in an unusual field – representing bicyclists in accident cases.

Tucker, a partner with the law firm of Walberg, Tucker & Holmes in Centennial, Colorado (a suburb of Denver), estimates over half his practice is composed of bicycle cases. He discovered his niche a few years ago through his love of cycling. Tucker is an accomplished cyclist who has raced competitively as a masters racer since 2003, and now sponsors the ColoBikeLaw.com Racing Team – the largest and most active amateur bike racing team in Colorado, a state with perhaps as many bicycling enthusiasts as any in the nation.

He rides thousands of miles per year, including his commutes to work on a bicycle. Tucker is actively involved in the Colorado cycling community and currently serves on the boards of directors of both Bicycle Colorado and South East Area Racing, Inc. He is a past member of the board of directors of the American Cycling Association (ACA).

Bradley Tucker Biking
Brad Tucker leading the pack
at the May 1, 2011 Koppenberg Circuit Race

About eight years ago, he asked the nonprofit organization, Bicycle Colorado, what free services he could offer to them. That led to Tucker becoming essentially the organization’s pro bono general counsel. Tucker has helped Bicycle Colorado pass legislation to benefit cyclists, end unfair bicycle bans and restrictions, improve bike trails, educate people about cycling, and gain hundreds of miles of new bike shoulders on state roads. One day, the executive director of the group asked if Tucker could represent a cyclist in an accident case.

"I took the first case, did a good job for her, and it’s just grown from there," Tucker said. "Combining my legal experience with something I’m passionate about sounded very attractive. Early on I thought, if this becomes the bulk of what I do each day, I’ll be pretty happy."

Last year, Tucker tried a jury case in which his client, a national champion mountain biker, was suing a trucking company after being hit and severely injured. The case was hotly contested on liability, and resulted in a sizeable verdict for the cyclist. In recent weeks, the appellate court affirmed the decision, resulting in a substantial payment to his client.

Many people come to live in Colorado due in large part to its beautiful mountain scenery and mostly temperate climate, both of which lend themselves to numerous outdoor sports, including cycling. Therefore, Tucker finds himself in an ideal spot for this type of practice.

"The growth of my practice in this area has been more than anyone thought possible," Tucker said. "People are starting to see it is a growing area."

Tucker says his Torts and Sports Law classes with Professor Ray Yasser at the TU College of Law have stood him in good stead in his bicycle cases.

"I communicated with Professor Yasser just recently in fact and joked to him that I’d always wanted to combine the two, and now I’ve done it," Tucker said.

Tucker once worked for the law firm of Secrest, Hill, Butler & Secrest in Tulsa ("A fantastic firm," Tucker said.) but has been with his current firm since 1995. He is a veteran litigator with a thriving insurance defense practice as well. But the cycling enthusiast expects to continue to expand his thriving bike law practice.

"I did not set out to establish this type of practice," Tucker said. "It is certainly not something I would have envisioned during law school at TU. But my passion for cycling led me to it, and I’m very happy it did."

Scott Been