Energy conference discusses key issues in the second Obama administration

Monday, April 08, 2013

Energy law professionals visit TU College of Law

Energy Conference

TU College of Law partnered with Mogel & Sweet to host a day of sessions providing perspectives on key issues facing the American energy industry over the next four years.

Featured guest speakers included representatives from the federal government, the natural gas industry, the practicing bar and academic experts from TU College of Law.  Presenters addressed two topics related to the liquefied natural gas industry - FERC jurisdiction over LNG, as well as the projected impact of LNG exports on domestic production and use of natural gas.  Presenters also discussed current issues relating to the natural gas pipeline infrastructure in the United States, the impact of the Dodd-Frank legislation on energy markets and environmental concerns.

Guests included William A. Mogel, Mogel & Sweet and Founding Editor-in-Chief, Energy Law Journal; Jeff C. Wright, Director, Office of Energy Projects, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission; Berne L. Mosley, President, Energy Projects Consulting, LLC; Mark E. Haedicke, Partner, Mogel & Sweet; Professor Robert Butkin, The University of Tulsa College of Law; and Professor Marla Mansfield, The University of Tulsa College of Law.

(From left: Jeff C. Wright, Berne L. Mosley, Professor Robert Butkin, William A. Mogel, Mark E. Haedicke)