Energy event brings together energy companies, government, and tribes

Saturday, September 14, 2013

TU Law students observe key discussion between energy companies, federal government, and sovereign tribes


The University of Tulsa College of Law co-hosted a strategic consultation meeting between Clean Line Energy and the US Department of Energy about the National Historic Preservation Act Section 106. The groups facilitated a discussion with representatives from two sovereign Indian nations on the environmental impact of a DC power line across tribal lands. 

Present at the event were key representatives from the Department of Energy, Cherokee Nation, Muscogee Creek Nation, Clean Line Energy, and Southwest Power. Students were encouraged to participate and pose questions to any parties present during the meeting. TU Law alumna Nicki Perryman-Fuller (’10) of Southwest Power Administration provided students with an overview of the project and its surrounding issues and was available for questions.

“TU Law presented a rare opportunity for law students to witness a discussion confronting several key issues in both Energy and Native American Law,” stated Jason Aamodt, Director of Online Learning at TU Law. “We are grateful to all involved parties for making accessible yet another valuable training opportunity for the students.”


Jason Aamodt