LLM Career Strategies

Successful LLM students take a pro-active approach to their own career strategy development.  At TU Law, LLM students are supported and guided with the following programs, services and resources to gain the skills they need to maximize opportunities for professional advancement during their LLM year.


LLM Orientation: "Foundations of Legal Study"

The focus on career development at TU College of Law begins before LLM students enter the classroom, during the Foundations of Legal Study (FLS), a multi-day orientation program designed to prepare new law students, both LLM and JD, for academic and professional success in a US law school.  FLS activities include: Social events for LLM students to meet each other, JD students, US law professors, staff and alumni; instruction on American law school policies, note-taking, professional dress, etiquette, case briefing, and research; visits to actual US courtroom proceedings at federal and state courthouses; an all-day Energy Regulatory law workshop for energy law-focused LLM students.


Career Strategy Services, Resources & Programs for LLM Students

  • Career Advising
  • Programs
  • Publications & Digital Resources
  • Memberships to Professional Associations
  • Resume and Cover Letter Critique
  • Practice Interviews
  • Career-related Travel Opportunities

Career Advising

LLM in American Law students are supported through the office of LLM Programs and Global Legal Education for their professional development. TU Law LLM Program staff is available to meet one-on-one with the LLM in American Law students.  LLM students are strongly encouraged to meet with the LLM Director at least once during each semester regarding their job searches  This one-one-one advising session should be schedule in advance via email.  LLM students also work closely with a faculty mentor to shape their individual career development strategy. 


LLM students and alumni receive weekly email updates throughout the academic year, inviting them to attend College of Law panels and workshops on career research strategies, resume and cover letter writing, networking, bar exams, interviewing skills and other related topics.

Career-Related Travel Opportunities

LLM in American Law students, through their Professional Development fee, are supported to travel to strategic career development opportunities (conferences, informational interview trips, job interviews).  LLM students are provided at the beginning of their academic year with a list of conference possibilities, or they can identify their own to submit for approval.   Students must complete and submit all paperwork for the travel support a minimum of one month in advance of traveling.

Publications & Digital Resources

LLM students have access to the LLM Career Strategies Portal an online LLM-centric library of career strategy resources, along with the College of Law's virtual portal, Symplicity

Memberships to Professional Associations

LLM in American Law students, through their Professional Development fee, are supported to build their professional networks by joining relevant associations such as the Institute for Energy Law, the Association for International Petroleum Negotiators and the local Bar Association's section on Energy/Mineral Law. 

Resume and Cover Letter Critique

LLM in American Law students are encouraged to take advantage of the resume and cover letter critique services offered by the office of LLM Programs.  In order to provide the most effective service, LLM students are asked to prepare in advance by: watching the video on Resume Writing; carefully reviewing the resume and cover letter writing guide and handbook; double-checking all formatting for consistency (punctuation, bold, underlining, tabs, bullet points, etc.); spell check the document; carefully proof-read the document twice before sending.  Students will schedule a face-to-face session with the Director of LLM Programs to get feedback on their document.

Practice Interviews

The Office of LLM Programs provides the opportunity for practice interview sessions throughout the academic year in order to give students feedback on their interviewing skills.  When it comes to preparing for interviews, there is no substitute for practicing answering interview questions aloud in a simulated setting.  This type of practices offers a unique opportunity to receive feedback on not only the content of responses, but also on body language, professionalism, and demeanor.  Students wishing to schedule a practice interview may do so by emailing the Director of LLM Programs and including their most recent resume.  In advance of the practice interview, students should read the guide on interviewing.  Students are encouraged to dress in business attire for the practice interview.


After Graduation

  • Bar Examination
  • Advanced Legal Studies
  • Student Visa & Practical Training (OPT)
  • Alumni Networking for LLMs

Bar Examination

The LLM in American Law is a specialist degree, designed to prepare lawyers to practice law in the international arena.  This program is not intended to serve as a bar preparation course.  See the National Conference of Bar Examiners website for an up-to-date, state-by-state summary of bar exam requirements.  For example, many students who received LLM degrees in other states have successfully taken the New York bar exam.  Eligibility in some states require completion of specific courses during the student's LLM studies. Therefore, students planning to take a US bar exam upon completion of the LLM program should research a state's bar eligibility requirements before beginning any program. LLM students are encouraged to seek out bar preparation programs that are targeted to LLM students and graduates.

Advanced Legal Studies

LLM students who want to pursue an additional degree, such as a JD, PhD, JSD or SJD, are welcome to speak with LLM Program staff to learn more about options.

Student Visa & Practical Training

LLM students on a US student visa should consult with the International Student Services office about applying for OPT (Optional Practical Training).  Students are advised to seek this information out in at the start of their LLM year.

LLM Alumni Network

International alumni and current LLM students stay connected to their TU Law colleagues through the TU Global LLM Alumni Network, including via social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook.