Online Masters in Energy Law

 The online Master of Jurisprudence in Energy Law (MJEL) degree at The University of Tulsa College of Law provides the opportunity to gain a sophisticated knowledge of the laws and regulations that govern the energy industry.

The program is affiliated with Concord Law School, a pioneer in online legal education, which offered its first online law degree in 1998.  MJEL is part of TU College of Law's Sustainable Energy and Resources Law (SERL) program, designed exclusively for individuals who wish to further their own marketability by gaining a deeper insight into the specific laws and regulations that govern energy. 

The MJEL program is a unique resource available to any person in the world who wants to launch a career involving sustainability of natural resources and a healthy environment without obtaining a JD or sitting for the Bar Exam. The program incorporates three important components that coincide with national and international interest:  providing reliable and affordable energy, protecting human health and the environment and insuring sustainable supplies of other important natural resources.

A student does not have to be an attorney to benefit from the MJEL program.

If you are contemplating the next step in your professional development, you should consider all that MJEL has to offer: 
    • A degree from one of the top Energy Law programs in the United States
    • Flexible, individualized program   
    • Convenient and affordable online Energy Law education 
    • Advanced curriculum 
    • Technical expertise in resolving legal issues in the energy setting
    • A practical and marketable way to broaden your career path

The University of Tulsa College of Law is located in the heartland of America’s energy industry, and provides access to an energy-centric powerhouse that is unique to TU: 
    • Energy Law Journal, a joint publication of The University of Tulsa 
       College of Law and the Energy Bar Association in Washington, DC 
    • National Energy Policy Institute, located at The University of Tulsa 
    • McDougall School of Petroleum Engineering, one of the preeminent 
       programs in the world 
    • Energy Management Center, located within the TU Collins College of
    • The Tulsa Institute of Alternative Energy
    • Petroleum Abstracts, the world's leading source of oil and gas

Jason Aamodt