Benefits of Online Learning

Today, you can study energy law wherever and whenever you choose and gain access to a learning environment that is surprisingly individualized. 

Plus, you do not have be an attorney to benefit from the MJEL program.


With the competing demands of work and family responsibilities, many cannot attend classroom-based programs requiring a fixed schedule and location. The MJEL program allows students the freedom to create custom schedules that best fits their needs.


Admitted students do not have to move, change employment or even commute to obtain an education in energy law at The University of Tulsa.

Ease of Use

Video lectures are accessible 24/7, submitted assignments are returned with in-depth feedback within days and student services are available at the click of a mouse.


Students have access to experts in the field and working energy law professionals across the globe.


Students establish a personal bond with other students through discussion boards, chat rooms and study groups (both in-person and virtual). In addition, there is a help hotline available with a guaranteed response within 24 hours. Progress is performance-driven and students have unlimited support to help them succeed.


Online courses allow students to focus soley on their own work without the distractions found in a traditional classroom.


The University of Tulsa attracts students from all over the world who have a wide variety of backgrounds and experience.


Course content is demanding, and methodology is driven by an understanding of how adults learn most effectively. The course schedule consists of synchronous sessions that last from fifty minutes to an hour and fifteen minutes.  Asynchronous (pre-recorded) sessions last anywhere from twenty to forty minutes.

Jason Aamodt