Online Classroom

The University of Tulsa College of Law and Concord Law School have created a highly interactive learning environment designed to be flexible and easy to use.  Students have the ability to schedule their studies at a time and place convenient to them.  The curriculum is available online twenty-four hours a day.

Each MJEL course is divided into modules.  Students work through all courses on a suggested study pace, similar to if they were attending a physical university.

Each course module may contain any or all of these content delivery methods:
• Reading assignments
• Audio and video lectures
• Quizzes or exams
• Bulletin board assignments
• Writing assignments
• Live classes

Students complete coursework and submit their materials online. Professors provide timely feedback, and students receive extensive comments and critiques of their assignments. 

A typical day may include reading assigned materials, attending a professor-led seminar, discussing coursework with classmates in an online study group or doing research using one of the electronic networks available to TU students. In addition, students can view archived lectures and discussion groups, communicate with classmates and professors, and take examinations - all through the online classroom.


Jason Aamodt