About CILC

"Providing experiences, studies, and involvement in comparative and international law is the mission of CILC."

Welcome to The University of Tulsa College of Law's Comparative and International Law Center's Homepage! We recognize that in the 21st century, lawyers will need a working knowledge of international and comparative law. The economies of all nations are quickly being woven into a global economy, impacting political and legal systems as well. The European Union is transforming the law of individual countries. Agreements such as NAFTA dramatically change the rules of trading. Even in traditionally domestic areas like family law, a working knowledge of international family law treaties such as the Hague Child Abduction Convention is critically important.

The University of Tulsa College of Law is proud to give its students an opportunity to explore international and comparative law through a broad array of courses on campus and in a diverse group of study abroad programs.

To learn about our wonderful summer programs in Ireland, Switzerland, Argentina, and China; or our opportunity to spend a fall semester in London, click here for our Study Abroad Home Page!

Through these study abroad programs, students can learn about different legal systems and international law from distinguished professors from many cultures. Students may even serve as interns in the Dublin program or work in clinical placements in London, experiencing a "hands-on" approach to different legal systems while working with barristers and solicitors in public and private agencies and in private practice.

The Center also offers a certificate program, which allows students a chance to specialize in the areas of international and comparative law, thus demonstrating their commitment to this field to prospective employers. Professor Rex Zedalis is the faculty supervisor of the certificate program, and can be contacted at rex-zedalis@utulsa.edu.

The Center also offers a Masters' program for foreign lawyers who wish to come to Tulsa to study U.S. legal systems. We expect that these lawyers will interact with our own Tulsa students, thus providing our students a chance to spend time with attorneys from different legal cultures. For further information on this LL.M. program, contact Laura Volpe at laura-volpe@utulsa.edu.

In addition, the Center sponsors the International Law Students Club and assists with the operation of the Comparative and International Law Journal. Prof. Rex Zedalis is faculty advisor to the journal. We also periodically bring prominent speakers in the areas of comparative and international law to the law school.