Buenos Aires, Argentina


Argentina is an ideal location for study abroad. As one of the fastest growing economic regions in the world, South America has become a key player in global economic and legal relations. As a result of the creation of MERCOSUR, the South American counterpart to NAFTA, South American companies are well poised to become competitive players on world markets.

Argentina also offers students a rich arena in which to study international human rights as the Argentine people still struggle to face ad redress violations suffered under its former military government.

Located at the mouth of the Río de la Plata, Buenos Aires is a bustling Metropolis shaped by its Spanish and British heritage. Buenos Aires is friendly to non-Spanish speakers and easy to traverse. The sophisticated city of Buenos Aires, with over 10 million people, is the center of Argentina's cultural, economic, legal, and social life. You'll enjoy dusk to dawn nightlife in its exuberant bars, charming street cafes, gourmet restaurants and sophisticated clubs. Your entertainment choices range from soccer to world renown opera, all easily accessible thorough a convenient, easily navigable transportation system, in a city friendly to non-Spanish speakers.

Administration and Academic Credit

The University of Tulsa participates in the Buenos Aires, Argentina program through a consortium of law schools. The program is administered by the Center for Excellence in International Law at Stetson University. Students enroll in courses through Stetson University, and their course registration and earned letter grades are transferred to their TU transcripts.


For additional information about the program, including curriculum, faculty, facilities, and housing, please visit Stetson's Argentina page.

To apply to the program, please visit Stetson's Argentina application page.

TU students who apply to the program must also complete a brief application form, available from the TU Law Study Abroad Program Office.

Tuition, Fees, and Payment

Program tuition and fees can be found on the Stetson website. TU students will pay tuition and housing deposits to Stetson at the time of application.  All other payments for the program, including tuition, housing, a books & materials fee, and health insurance will be billed to the student and paid through the University of Tulsa.

For TU students with questions about using financial aid for the program, please contact Kristi Emerson in the Office of Student Financial Services at the University of Tulsa at (918) 631-5105 or kristi-emerson@utulsa.edu.

Enrollment Limitations for TU Law Students

Pursuant to ABA regulations, all students admitted to an accredited study abroad program must be certified by their home law school to be in good academic standing.  For University of Tulsa students, the faculty has implemented that regulation with the following requirement in University of Tulsa Policies and Regulations, Section II.D.1.: 
1. Any first year student whose cumulative GPA is below 2.3 at the end of the student's previous fall semester will not be permitted to enroll in any summer session or summer study abroad program offered by the College of Law or any other law school if that summer session of program begins before grades for the previous spring semester are due.

2. Any student whose GPA is above a 2.0 after spring grades have been posted will be permitted to enroll in any remaining summer sessions offered by the College of Law, and may enroll in any remaining summer session offered by a law school other than the University of Tulsa.