Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities

 We have accommodated students with physical challenges in the past and we will make every effort to reasonably accommodate applicants with special needs.  Our classroom is accessible by elevator and some of the dorm suites are especially designed to be accessible for physically challenged students.  Most cities in Europe, including Dublin, are not as accessible to persons with physical challenges as are some cities in the United States, although many of the city buses are wheelchair accessible.  Access to some offices and facilities on the UCD campus is limited.  If you require special accommodations, please consult with our Program Director as early as possible so that we can determine whether the facilities of the program can accommodate your particular needs and the availability of these facilities.  If you receive testing or classroom accommodations at your home school, your school must send verification of your accommodations to the Program Director, Professor Marianne Blair, at the University of Tulsa College of Law, 3120 East 4th Place, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104.  For more information regarding accessibility in Ireland and links to helpful organizations, see Mobility International's website located at