Class Materials


The price listed for the textbooks for EU I and II and EU Competition Law is the price charged by the UCD bookstore. Please note that the price is in EURO, and therefore the price in dollars will depend on the rate of exchange you receive on the day that your credit card is charged for the books.  As of 4-11-14, the prices in US dollars were approximately $48 for the EU book and $71 for the EU Comp. Law book, but your credit card company would in all likelihood add a conversion fee as well that would slightly raise the charge in US dollars.

For the past two summers, we have made arrangements with the UCD bookstore for students to order these textbooks directly from the bookstore and it has worked well. The advantage of this option is that you do not have to transport the books in your luggage across the ocean, which saves weight in your luggage (and possibly extra luggage fees) or in your carry-on backpacks.  UCD delivers the books, neatly wrapped and labeled for each student, directly to Prof. Blair=s dorm suite the day before the program begins, so they are waiting for you in my dorm suite when you arrive in Dublin on June 6th. For the past three years the bookstore has been very reliable. The disadvantage of obtaining the books from UCD bookstore is that the price may be higher than a purchase on the internet. In addition, be forewarned that the bookstore cannot buy back the books at the end of the program, so you will still have to sell them on the internet, mail them back to yourself if you wish to keep them, carry them back, or abandon them. There are other bookstores in city centre, so you can explore the possibility of selling them to one of those bookstores, but we cannot guarantee that this will be possible.

If you choose to order either textbook from the bookstore, the minimum order time is 15 days, so you must order it no later than Wednesday, May 21st. To order the book, you can contact the University College Dublin Bookstore by:

fax:        011 353 1 283 7002
phone:    011 353 1 269 1384

The UCD bookstore is open Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Please don't forget the time difference! Ireland is 6 hours ahead of Tulsa. To calculate the time difference from your time zone, check out www.

Books can be paid for with VISA or Mastercard. Please supply card number, expiry date, 3 digit security code and the full name on the card. PLEASE ALSO STATE THAT THIS IS PART OF THE TULSA SUMMER SCHOOL ORDER WHICH IS TO BE DELIVERED TO PROF BLAIR  Your books will then be delivered to Prof. Blair in our dorm, Glenomena House 8, Suite 10, on Thursday, June 5th and Prof. Blair should have them for you when you arrive on Friday, June 6th.  If you pre order the book through the UCD bookstore, please let Prof. Blair know by e mail, so that she knows how many books to expect. 

The Foster book for EU I & II is also available on in a Kindle version for $42.39 and in paperback for between $42 and $47, depending on whether you use Amazon Prime or another Amazon source.  If you order from Amazon or another online source, be sure to get the 2013 4th edition.

The Jones and Sufrin book for EU Competition Law book (5th edition 2014) was just published in January, so used copies will not be widely available on the internet.  I found new copies on the internet advertised on ebay and abebooks for slightly less than the UCD bookstore price. When you add on shipping and processing costs, however, the savings are unlikely to be significant and this is a very heavy paperback that will add significant weight to your luggage if you are hauling this text across the Atlantic.  If you choose to order Jones and Sufrin on the internet, please be sure to allow plenty of time for the book to reach you before you leave for Europe. I have had students who ordered the book on the internet too late and it did not arrive before they left for Europe, so they spent their first weekend in Dublin searching used bookstores in city centre trying to find a copy.  If you try to have the book mailed to the UCD dorm directly, the chances that it will arrive on time and actually reach you are fairly slim. This is because you will not yet be residing at the dorm when it is delivered and it may therefore get returned or lost. So particularly for the Jones and Sufrin book, pre ordering through the UCD bookstore may be your best bet, but it is totally up to you.

Do not be concerned about the number of pages in the EU Competition text. You will not be covering the entire book in this one-credit course.  Unfortunately, there is no short alternative text in this specialized field that is substantially shorter and meets your needs, so Prof. Lucey chooses selected chapters of this excellent text.

Instructor-prepared Course Materials

In May we post the course materials for International Intellectual Property and International and Comparative Children's Rights on this page.   If you choose to bring your laptops to class and have the materials available in class for reference on your laptops, none of the instructors in these courses will require you to print out the course materials or bring a paper copy to class.  So the materials technically cost $0, because we will make them available to you free of charge, and you can download them to your laptop or any other electronic reader that will access them. 

That said, many students find it difficult to read assignments for class on their laptop screens or to access course materials quickly in class off of computer screens when they are also taking notes. This is particularly true in IIP, since you may be flipping back and forth between case law and treaties in the materials. Therefore, often students choose to print out the course materials.  I included an estimate of the pages in the course materials (and I guessed high!!), so that you could calculate the cost of making copies, if you choose to do so. 

A couple of options: First, you can print out the course materials before you leave the United States at a local copy shop, put them in whatever binder works for you, and carry them over to Ireland.  (Again, weight could be an issue here for you).  Check out your local copy shops for printing prices and you can calculate the approximate cost.

Second, you could choose to print out the course materials in Ireland at UCD or a nearby copy shop.  Our Irish students  who enrolled in these courses preferred to copy out the course materials and bind them, and one was very kind to send me his recommendation. He prefers using the Copi-Print in the Arts/Newman Building at UCD, which has copy machines available that permit you to print double or single-side from the internet or a USB.  In 2013, the Copi-Print charged 5 cents (that is Euro cents, not US dollar cents) per page.  If you choose to bind the materials, the cost of binding is between 2.50 and 3.50 Euro. In addition, since you are not enrolled as UCD students, you will need to obtain a temporary printing card on which you can load money (in the shop) so that the card can be used in the machines.  There may be a small fee for the card. The following links provide more information about copi-print and the card system:

The Copi-print shop is not open on weekends or in the evenings, so if you choose this option, you should at least have the materials for the first Monday IIP class available to you in some format you can access. I frequently use this same shop for materials I distribute to you during the program.

Another option is Student Supply, across the road from the main entrance of UCD. Our Irish student says they currently charge the same price. However, while their photocopying works well, he advises that their basic equipment and service is quite slow and their printing service is not great. Information about Student Supply is available at

In city centre, Reads across Nassau Street from Trinity College also currently charges the same price for printing and photocopying as Copi-print at UCD, 5 Euro cents per page. For more information, see

The estimated pages in these course materials are rough estimates, and not all pages in the course materials are necessarily assigned reading. So please do not use the page estimates as indicators of the reading assignments, as they are not accurate reflections of the assigned work in any of the courses. They are only provided to give you some cost indicators, if you should choose to print out the entire set of course materials for a particular course.

The materials for the classroom component of the Legal Internship course are Introduction to the Irish Legal System and Researching Irish and EU Law, two handouts prepared by Dr. Ryan which are reprinted in Section V of the Handbook and also posted through on the course materials page of the Dublin program website.  Prior to arriving in Dublin, you are also expected to read Notes for Interns, found in Appendix D.