Excursions and Travel

In Dublin, the program will sponsor field trips to Irish legal, political, and economic institutions, such as the Four Courts and the Oireachtas, the Irish Parliament. Throughout the program, judges, politicians, and prominent lawyers are often invited to speak to students, and when speakers are invited in connection with particular classes, all students in the program are invited to attend even if they are not enrolled in the course.

Also included in the program is a Dublin city tour and an evening dining with Irish barristers and solicitors. At the end of the first week of classes, all of the sudents in the program typically join us for an all-day trip, free of charge, to the Wicklow Mountains and to Glendalough, the site of an ancient monastery set among Ireland's lakes and mountains. 

The mid-program break is an ideal time to plan a trip with fellow students to the west coast of Ireland or up to Northern Ireland.  Many rail and bus tours offer an easy way to explore Ireland on your own or with your friends, and the director and student coordinator can provide information and ideas for possible destinations.  For those who wish to travel to Britain or to the continent over the three-day break, inexpensive airfares are available on some of the budget airlines, but the best fares require sufficient advance purchase.  See the Helpful Links page for more information. 

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