Internship Program


blakeThe Tulsa internship program offers students a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the Irish legal system from the inside - seeing the theoretical concepts learned from class applied in practice! Interns work half days with Irish barristers or Irish institutions throughout the four week program.  Most placements can accommodate students working either mornings or afternoons, depending on the intern's class schedule.  Approximately half of the students who participate in the Tulsa program each year choose to enroll in the intern program.

Placements vary each year, but typically include various government and legal aid organizations and barristers in private practice. Students enrolled in the program are given the opportunity to indicate their preference for the type of work they would like to do, and an effort is made to match those preferences with the range of internship opportunities available each year.  Placements in 2014 included the Chief State Solicitor's, the Office of the Attorney general, Office to the Director of Public Prosecutions, the Health and Safety Authority, Irish Business and Employer's Confederation, and barristers in private practice.

Students who work as interns are required by ABA standards to attend an organizational session and three evening sessions on Irish law and legal systems offered by Dr. Fergus Ryan, Head of the Department of Law, Dublin Institute of Technology, who has directed Tulsa's Dublin internship program since 2001. Professor Seamus Clarke serves as Assistant Director of the Program.  Students must keep a weekly journal of their experiences and impressions.  Assessment of interns is based on the intern provider's general assessment of the intern's work, the intern director's assessment of the journals, attendance and participation in the class component, and if available, the director's assessment of any work completed by the intern.

For a general overview of the internship program, see Dr. Ryan's Internship Memo and Notes for Interns from the 2014 program.  Information for the 2015 internship program will be available here in January.

Students desiring internship placements should apply to the program as early as possible in order to receive priority placement since this course tends to fill early.  Interns will also need to provide a current resume and complete the Internship Preference Form, available from the Study Abroad Program Office in January.