Classes meet five days a week, except for the second week of the program when no Friday classes are held so that students may enjoy a mid-program, three-day weekend for travel.  Interns will devote half days to course work so that the other half of the day can be used for internship duties.  

In addition to the regular schedule, the organizational meeting for interns and the first classes for European Union Law I and European Union Competition Law will meet on Sunday, June 7th during a morning session. Thereafter, classes will meet at regularly scheduled times. Exams will be scheduled separately. 

Interns will also have three additional evening sessions with the Internship Director for lectures on the Irish legal system and research, and to report on their internship progress.

Students enrolled in Introduction to European Union Law must enroll in both EU I and II for two credits. Because the course is taught by separate instructors in two parts over the four-week period, the exam will be divided into separate sections for each segment, graded separately by each instructor.  Students will receive separate grades for EU I and EU II.

The 2015 Dublin summer class schedule will be announced in fall 2014.