Who May Attend

 The Summer Institute in European and International Law welcomes students in good standing from any accredited American or Canadian law school who have completed the first year of legal study, full-time or part-time, students studying for the LL.M., and attorneys admitted to the practice of law in these countries.

In 2012, 38% of the 34 American students participating were from other law schools, and in 2013, 33% of the 40 participating American students were from other American law schools. In addition, in 2012, 8 Irish law students participated in the program, and in 2013, 4 Irish law students participated in the program. In summer 2014, 23 American law students (48% from other American law schools) and 4 Irish law students participated. The anticipated enrollment for the 2015 summer program is between 30 and 40 American law students and 4-6 Irish law students.