London, England

AUGUST 16 - NOVEMBER 28, 2014



"Tired of London? No, Sir, when a man tires of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford." - Dr. Samuel Johnson

When you study abroad in London, the entire city is your university. London offers a wealth of history, literary significance and exciting cultural opportunities, with its theatre, ballet, opera, and concerts. With over 40,000 students at the University of London alone, there are endless social and educational experiences possible for students.

People who know London well believe autumn is the ideal time to visit. The tourist crowds are gone, but the climate remains mild, with average daytime temperatures ranging from 59 in September to 42 in December.

In the fall, you'll see giant bonfires for Guy Fawkes Night and witness the pomp and circumstance of the official Opening of Parliament, complete with a speech by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. December marks the lighting of the giant Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square.

For aspiring lawyers, London offers a wealth of tradition and present day importance. As the world grows smaller, international law becomes more important. The establishment of regional and international arrangements, and the extraordinarily swift advancement of information technology, has contributed greatly to the process of economic and political integration. The member states of the European Union, as well as the E.U. itself, have become, and will continue to be, critically important players in global and legal relations. England remains the most important link for American companies seeking to do business in Europe, especially for American high-tech and information companies.

London presents the ideal location for a Semester Abroad Program. There are more branch offices of American law firms in London than any other foreign city. London is one of the major centers for the European Union and you will have an opportunity to learn about the Union from expert teachers and speakers. You'll visit the Inns of Court and walk in the footsteps of illustrious lawyers and statesmen--Blackstone, Disraeli, Gladstone, Francis Bacon. There will be opportunities for you to meet students from other American law schools and English law students, and socialize with prominent barristers and solicitors.
Professionally and personally, Autumn in London will be an unforgettable experience - one you'll treasure the rest of your life.

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Administration and Academic Credit

The University of Tulsa participates in the Autumn in London program through a consortium of law schools. The program is administered by the Center for Excellence in International Law at Stetson University.  Pursuant to TU College of Law policies, TU students may take up to 16 credit hours in London, or a maximum of 17 credit hours with approval from the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs at TU College of Law. Students enroll in courses through Stetson University, and their course registration and earned letter grades are transferred to their TU transcripts. 


For additional information about the program, including curriculum, faculty, facilities, and housing, please visit Stetson's Autumn in London page

To apply to the program, please visit the Stetson's London application page

TU students who apply to the program must also complete a brief application form, available from the TU Law Study Abroad Program Office.

Tuition, Fees, and Payment

Program tuition and fees are available on the Stetson website. TU students pay tuition and housing deposits to Stetson at the time of application.  All other payments for the program, including tuition, housing, a books & materials fee, and health insurance will be billed to the student and paid through the University of Tulsa.

For TU students with questions about using financial aid for the program, please contact Kristi Emerson in the Office of Student Financial Services at the University of Tulsa at (918) 631-5105 or

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